Ines Battistini | Life CoachHi, I’m Inés

Nice to meet you (virtually)!

In you, I see a hunger to live the life you truly desire.

I believe it starts with taming your inner critic, discovering your purpose, and claiming your worth.

You are ready.

You are bursting with enthusiasm and passion. Whether you’re traveling or doing yoga, you have this playful spirit about you that when people get around you, they instantly feel like they can be themselves. Your kindness bleeds out of every single thing you do and making the world a better place gets you all kinds of happy.

Ultimately, you deeply know that your life is filled with possibility and that you are meant to do something amazing.

But inside, you secretly feel stuck in struggle. You wonder if you truly have what it takes to get over the things that are holding you back and there is so much you wish for, but wonder if it is just a little too out of reach.

You see where you are and you see where you want to be and the distance feels like it is simply swallowing you whole.

My name is Inés, and I am a joy strategist and transformational coach for go-getters and hearts ready to get unstuck and live the life they truly desire.

My mission is to help you heal old wounds and replace sabotaging patterns with new pathways to reduce your fear and silence your inner critic.

Awakening your creativity and helping you navigate your potential and passions to live a more joy-filled life is my ultimate goal.

Together, we help you build a life that you’re excited to wake up to every morning. Get ready, because we’re about to leave all those feelings of being stuck behind, as we ignite movement in your life to irresistibly transform it from the inside out.

My belief about you is that you are inherently enough and you can live your life out of a place of worthiness.

I believe you can have all the tools and strategies you need to cope with all that stands in front of you at any time. I believe that you can live a life that is drenched in joy, so that being stuck, is simply something of the past.

I believe that you can live the life of your dreams. It is not for later, it is for now.

Today, I get to live the life I only dreamt about, but to get here I had to rediscover my joy.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Business and a CPA license that I obtained at 23, I worked in accounting for four years out of college and thought that was it. But, when I had to make the difficult and emotional decision to quit my job for health reasons, I was spun into this season, where I searched high and low for my purpose and my calling.

I was lost. I was overwhelmed. I was sad and truly afraid that I would never find my happy place again.

It was not until I began playing with and exploring my potential and passions that I was able to realize the things that truly energized me and lit me up. I not only began to realize more about my identity, that I am beautiful and worthy, but about the things that truly bring me joy, like connecting with amazing individuals and empowering them to build a life of their dreams.

Fun Facts

  • My ultimate joy is dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds!
  • If I could pick a theme song, it would be “Shine” by Jason Mraz or anything by Colbie Caillat’s – hello joy!
  • I live in Miami with my kind and supportive husband, JC, who loves to spend his free time washing our cars (hey, it’s therapeutic for him!), going to the gym, or food exploring.
  • All I want to do is travel, dine out, have heart to heart conversations, and dance the night away.
  • I am….A Smile Spreadin’, Hug Lovin’, Life Animator! Your Personal Pep Squad!
  • And when I’m not passionately teaching transformational courses or working my heart away on my laptop, you can find me devouring books and binge watching HGTV!


Now if you wanted to get professional…

Ines Battistini | Life Coach

Inés is a motivational speaker, mentor, and energetic change agent. A former accountant, she shifted into the wellbeing and personal development world after a health crisis in 2011. Using her experiences along with her studies, Inés’ mission is to help women activate their wellbeing, happiness, and success using practical tools and strategies.

In addition to mentoring women with her programs, Inés is trained as a Positive Psychology Practitioner. This allows her to create experiences that are enriched with the scientific study of optimal human functioning to promote the strengths and factors that allow individuals to thrive.

Inés is known for her infectious energy for life and her brilliant ability to help people find clarity and empower them to create a purposeful, joy-filled life. Her life’s passion is to help people move past their fears, develop their potential, and discover what it takes to flourish.