Ines Battistini | Life Coach


You’re stuck, lost, or at a crossroads.

You’re constantly people-pleasing, perfecting, overachieving.

You fear rejection, failure, change, and not being good enough.

Anxiety, worry, and fears keep you stuck and playing small.

You know you’re meant to do something greater, but you have no idea what your purpose is.

You feel like you’re running behind and have no idea how to “catch up”.

You wish you had a time machine that would take you back in time to do what you coulda, shoulda, woulda.


Be the hero of your own story 

Live on purpose (aligned with your values & your desires).

Breakthrough into freedom (by letting go of the sabotaging patterns & beliefs that have kept you stuck).

Find peace within the chaos (we live in a messy world, I know).

Break free from… the approval-seeking, people-pleasing, perfecting, and the rules you have created (they’re oh-so-draining!).

Claim your worth (you’re more powerful than you can imagine… you really are).

Be fully expressed (speak your truth, take off the masks, be unapologetically YOU!)

Create a life where you’re flourishing instead of just getting by… a life filled with lasting joy (it really IS possible!).


If you found yourself nodding (or silently screaming ‘yes’) to any of the above, I am here for you. And you are here because you’re not as FREE, EXPRESSED, and ALIVE as you want to be. You have so much to give, and you’re ready to make a difference. Years of old beliefs and habits have kept you back from fully stepping into your worth, your power. Not anymore!

Through my mentorship and coaching, I help women SEE their worth and TAKE imperfect action about it. It’s about coming alive to how you want to FEEL and who you want to BE. By tuning in, you GET to experience CLARITY and take radical self-responsibility for creating a life that you’re excited to wake up to. It’s up to you. There’s good news though… I’m here to help!

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