• I am officially a believer! Working with Inés was so much more than I could've ever expected! She gave my spiritual practice practical tools to make what I truly desire a reality.

    Inés, without you, the group program simply wouldn’t be the powerful life-changing experience it is. You are a powerhouse and an incredible woman, teacher, and friend. The energy you bring and the safe space you create is what allowed me to open up and experience this course full on.

    It was an incredible investment in myself. Thank You!

    Zachary F. Realtor & Flower Enthusiast
  • Thank you, Inés, your positive energy is one of a kind! You are the perfect walking example of how life can run its course, up or down, and you still have the power to make what you want of it.

    When I began taking one of your courses, I didn’t have a specific issue I wanted to work on; it was more like I had a cloud weighing over my persona. I found it difficult to be in the "here and now" and that is exactly what I needed to focus on. I've implemented tools that have helped me stay in touch with my true self, regardless of external factors.

    I'm experiencing life fully now!

    Christina M. Sales Representative
  • My creativity has been awakened!

    Working with Inés was the perfect opportunity to create, manifest, and align myself with my intentions and my authenticity. I cultivated my intuition by discovering how to silence my inner critic, and I renewed my relationship with time. Each week with Inés offers a unique experience, and the dynamics of each class become a very personal space to learn.

    Ines is inspiring and has a special way to teach you important life concepts. It was a wonderful opportunity! If you want to change the course of your life and raise your level of spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental awareness, this is the course for you!

    Andrea S. Therapy
  • I landed my dream job!

    Little did I know that this class would help change my life, help me dig deeper into areas that were challenging me, and help me find a greater appreciation for my life.

    Inés has a contagious personality that draws you in and makes you feel so comfortable. I'd recommend working with Inés in a heartbeat!

    Devi P. Project Manager
  • Inés’ enthusiasm and joy for life and people are contagious!

    After working with Inés, I noticed that my mindset has begun to transform, and I’ve grown enormously.

    Inés teaches us practical tools that we can incorporate into every day life. I loved the Post-Its! Inés’ personal touch and attention to detail each class a unique one like no other. And at the same time, each participant enriches the experience.

    Would I recommend signing up for one of her programs? YES!!! I'd say, “Sign up, sit in the front row of this ride we call life, and enjoy the class because with Inés, it’s an adventure you wont want to miss!”

    Cristina V. Teacher
  • Working with Inés is the best gift you can give yourself! The results speak for themselves instantly!

    I am infinitely grateful for all the tools I’ve learned and for the love & light Inés gave us. I now feel more self-confident, and my self-esteem has increased. I even feel better about my decision-making! I’ve come to understand that we are able to create our own reality through love and self-understanding. Inés has a beautiful life mission. She’s just incredible!

    Truthfully, I’ve been grateful from the moment I met her. Working with Inés will simply change your life. Period.

    Gloria B. Pilates Instructor
  • Inés was a godsend for me! No one could’ve understood me better at this moment in my life. Thank you for making it a perfect experience!

    During her program, I understood that my happiness depends on me. I’ve now begun to listen more to my inner voice of wisdom and to my intuition as I’ve started to leave behind the need for perfection, which can keep us all stuck.

    Beatriz L. Photographer
  • I found more peace than I ever thought possible!

    Inés helped me learn that every day is an opportunity to grow & let go of the past. I'm more present than ever! Working with Inés helped me transition into a new career, and I find myself happier and enjoying life more!

    Inés shared powerful strategies that will stay with me forever.

    Vanessa R. Public Health Specialist

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