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Create your reality… today!

Can you believe it?!? 

We’re almost 5 months into the year and amidst perhaps my favorite season of all, SPRING!

With winter long gone, it’s time to plant new seeds and embrace this new-sprung energy.

Seeds of Intention 

I want you to imagine yourself in your sacred inner garden. Spring is all around us, so there is fresh soil and plenty of space to begin planting. The landscape is ready for something to sprout, to take root, to grow.

Pick up a few seeds, 2, 3… maybe 4.

Take a moment to reflect on and discover your heart’s dreams & desires. Pause. Breathe in deeply and ask yourself:

“What do I truly WANT?”

“How do I want to FEEL?”

What you plant now will most likely bloom in the upcoming months, so… What new beginning are you being called to reflect on? What would you like each seed to be?

 “Our intention creates our reality.” – Wayne Dyer

Ok, let me break it down for you.

You have this AMAZING idea… Are you ready to see it become something? Maybe it’s…

  • Moving
  • Starting a new project
  • Going back to school
  • Taking on a new career
  • Or maybe it’s just taking a new painting class

Or perhaps your idea isn’t so physical; it’s more spiritual or emotional. Like…

  • Working on your personal development
  • Changing a limiting belief or habit that keeps you stuck
  • Doing healing work
  • Or opening up to a new loving relationship

Got something in mind now? Good!

Your intention is your idea. What you intend to do/see happen. And how that intentional seed flourishes (becomes a reality) depends on how you nurture that seed (take action).

The more you procrastinate or stay inactive, the longer it’ll take for your seed to grow.

That being said, we all grow and flourish in our own time. There’s no need to rush through the process or take a specific route to get there.

Every action you take contributes to the manifestation of your desired reality.

Need an example? I’ll share my own!

I just completed an Applied Positive Psychology certification two weeks ago (more on that in coming months!).

And this six-month, comprehensive program has prepared me for a big revelation… the creation of my own signature course!! (I’m getting out of my seat and jumping for joy as I write this… that’s how excited I am!!)

While this course is a GRAND idea in my mind & heart, it begins as a small baby seed. One that I am choosing to plant this spring and tend to with a lot of TLC (tender loving care) over the coming months.

As I plant my seed, I keep in mind that setting this intention comes with the responsibility to take action towards nurturing its growth. It’s not going to magically grow on its own, without my care & attention.

Everything that I do for that seed will determine its outcome. I am its loving caretaker.

We are all SO worthy of seeing our dreams, aspirations, and goals come to life.

And yes, the timing for certain ideas might not be right now… BUT that doesn’t mean it’s wrong for all of your other ideas… even the small ones like perhaps planting an actual flower in your home.

For me, it’s time to AMP up the TLC around the ideas I want to see become my reality.

And it starts with a simple step: planting the seeds of intention… the seeds of our ideas.

So I ask you now:

Which seeds are you intentionally choosing to plant this spring? And how will you choose to tend to them?

It’s up to you!



P.S. Here are some Journal Tips to gain clarity around the seeds you’re planting:

  • Why is planting this “seed” important to me?
  • Is this what I want to plant? Or is it a “should” or an expectation?
  • How will I stay focused during the process?
  • What can I do to take action today?

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